Crazed Cat Holds Family Hostage and Prompts Them to Seek Police Assistance

(Credit: KPTV)

(Credit: KPTV)

There are always those stories of people calling 911 for inappropriate reasons, from the accidental calls from younger relatives (which I know all too well) needing help with homework to the man calling to report he was low on beer. But this week’s occurrence takes the cake: a Portland, Oregon couple called police for help when their 22-pound cat spiraled out of control and charged at the family and their dog, forcing them to hole up in a bedroom. Yikes!

The family’s four-year-old black and white Himalayan house cat named Lux started to attack their seven-month-old son. When Lee Palmer tried to push the cat off from his son, Lux became enraged and started to charge the family. They, along with with pet dog, ran into a bedroom and locked themselves in to protect themselves from the crazed cat. They initially called animal control, but after getting no answer from them, so they decided to take drastic measures and dialed 911.

“He’s trying to attack us,” Palmer said to the 911 dispatcher. “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

After confirming that the child didn’t need any medical attention, the 911 operator had officers sent to the family’s home. According to a press release from the Portland Police Bureau, the operator stayed on the line to make sure the family, including their dog, was safe in their bedroom. Meanwhile the cat “screeched” in the background the whole call, and can be heard yowling on the tape.

When officers reached the house, Lux attempted to flee the scene, running into the kitchen. Using a dog snare, the police were able to capture and contain the feline in a crate. The officers then told the family it was safe to leave the bedroom. Lux was left behind bars in the crate in the custody of the family and officers were free to continue fighting crime elsewhere. As for what sparked the cat’s crazed behavior, it remains unknown.

According to Palmer’s 911 call, he told the operator that “[Lux has] got kind of a history of violence. He’s kind of a violent cat already. But he’s really bad right now.”


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