Curious Cat Is Completely Fascinated With the Baby

cat and baby

This silly kitty is standing on his hind legs and looking at something very carefully. But what could this cat be this interested in? Maybe there is something he has never seen before and he just cant take his eyes off of it. As the video proceeds, you will notice that this feline is actually looking at a baby, that is laying next to her mother on the sofa. The baby is making noises and the cat seems to be very intrigued. The cat moves to the side of the sofa, so that he can get a better look at the child. It seems that the person filming the cat is loving the interaction between the baby and the feline.

The cat gets really excited and stands up on the sofa, making his way closer to the child. The cat really doesn’t know what to think of the baby and seems a bit scared of her. Its not clear if the mother of the baby is also the owner of the cat. But if the mother is the owner, then the child will probably grow up with the feline. As the camera rolls the cat works up enough courage to jump on the arm of the sofa, to get even closer to the baby. The kitty then carefully leans down and smells the child’s forehead. This super cute moment was captured on camera and is truly priceless.

After checking out the baby, the cat then settles down and takes a rest on the arm of the sofa. But the cat doesn’t take his eyes off the baby and when she cries the cat looks concerned. While all of the people are talking, the baby is just resting on the sofa and the cat is keeping a watchful eye. This kitty really seems to love the little child and doesn’t want anything to happen to her. The baby now seems to recognize that the cat is looking at her and you can she that she is also interested in the cat. This is a super cute video and who doesn’t love both cats and babies. So make sure to check it out before you leave.

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