Cute Cat “Fatboy” is Rescued after being Stuck in a Tree for 2 Days

Fatboy the cat

Most of us are aware of the fact that cats are capable of climbing trees. They climbed trees for a few reasons including hunting birds, which can get them in big trouble sometimes. The next story is about a feline named Fatboy, who got stuck up in fig tree for two days.

The incident happened somewhere in Bonney Lake, Washington. For some reason, Fatboy the cute cat climbed up a tall tree and got stuck there. I think the kitty didn’t realize how far up he already have climbed and then he panicked and cried because he didn’t know how to come back down.

Vanessa Anderson, the feline’s petmom was very worried for Fatboy’s safety and decided to contact Canopy Cat Rescue to help her stuck cat. Last Monday, the rescue group came and rescued the kitten. Fatboy was rescued by two expert climbers, Tom Otto and Shaun Sears, with the abilities and skills of a cat whisperer.

According to the Facebook page of Canopy Cat Rescue, Fatboy was stuck about 40 feet high. The feline was described to be very anxious to be rescued. In fact, one of the rescuer said that the cat was head-butting his rope and climbing gear as he was climbing towards the cat. Below is a clip of Fatboy’s rescue. In the video, you will see how this big cat went from being scared to loving. It’s so cute to watch this kitty giving his rescuer lots of love as a way of saying thank you.

Fatboy’s family was very happy to have him back safely. In fact, Vanessa Anderson, his owner, posted a thank you message to her cat’s rescuers via Facebook post and it says: “My beautiful baby boy is safe thanks to u guys….. I’m so happy as is he. Couldn’t be more thankful for u guys rescuing my baby.”

I am happy that this adorable cat was rescued safely. I can’t imagine how scared he was up in that tree alone, cold and hungry. Hopefully, Fatboy will stick to climbing short trees from now on. This story is also a reminder to cat owners to keep an eye on where their feline climbs.

Image via Facebook

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