Cute Cat is Obsessed With Flushing the Toilet


America’s Funniest Videos – also known as AFV – is a long-time television program that airs clips of some of the nation’s funniest home and viral videos. The TV show, which garners many submissions from all over the country, without a doubt sees a great deal of hilarious footage daily and they run the cream of the crop. Often, you’ll see babies doing adorably funny things as well as the occasional cute cat that gets a good laugh. After all, cats are always doing funny things.

Cats are some of the most hilarious creatures, and it doesn’t help that they’re so smart. The intelligent furry beings are not only intriguing themselves, they are also intrigued by many things: other animals, humans, other cats and even the most “normal” thing to us gets cats all riled up. One cute cat in particular is quite taken with the toilet – so much that it cannot stop flushing the toilet. Some can even categorize the cat as obsessed with flushing!

In the video below, you can see a very curious black and white cat named Gizmo stare into an open toilet bowl. Gizmo looks curiously into the bowl for a solid few seconds before initially flushing the toilet, but once he realizes what the toilet bowl contraption does, he continually flushes it. It’s no secret that the feline is intrigued by the bowl’s ability to flush with the way it gazes into the bowl. It’s equal parts adorable and totally hilarious!

Photo Source: YouTube

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