Cute Cats and Adele? You Have to See This Video

adele cats

In case you haven’t heard of a singer by the name of Adele, allow us to introduce you. Hello, it’s me…she’s the woman you hear on the radio, on television and everywhere else you go singing songs that break your heart with the most beautiful voice that you could imagine. It’s smoky and seductive, lovely and just plain talented. She’s British, she’s gorgeous, and she doesn’t produce that much music. When she does, she names her albums after her age, and she doesn’t do much in the spotlight. She’s private, and it just makes her that much more alluring. And now we see her music everywhere. Even cats that want to be adopted love themselves a little Adele.

That’s why we are so positive that you have to see this video. It’s a bunch of cats, it’s Adele, and it’s a plea for adoption. These are the most adorable little cats, the most amazing video and the most fantastic three minutes of your entire day. Please, don’t let us convince you ourselves. Just watch the video and see what this shelter does that is more than just a little amazing. They perform music videos and songs with cats that need families and homes of their own, and they make the world want to take them home and love them forever. Don’t you find yourself wanting to take one of these cats home yourself? We know you do; but we still think you need to watch this video and see for yourself just how fantastic it really is.   

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