How Cute is this Chick Sleeping with a Cat?


Ever since we can remember, it’s been ingrained into our minds that cats and birds aren’t acquaintances, much less friends, as they are really just enemies who hunt and fly away from one another. After all, that is what is being shown to us on TV shows and movies (especially cartoons) from early on and is generally thought of as true throughout history. That could hardly be further from the truth, though. While cats can probably see birds as food sources sometimes, it’s also possible for felines to befriend other kinds of animals – including their feathered friends – and become rather close. In fact, cats can get very territorial and protective of their friends and loved ones, protecting them as best as they can – yes, even while they are sleeping! In a very adorable viral video, a cat and a bird are caught cuddling and being very sweet to one another during a nap – it’s just so cute! After all, there’s nothing more precious to see than a chick sleeping alongside a cat peacefully and willingly.

In the video below, you can see a gray striped cat named Oscar cuddling and sleeping with a chick named Barny under its arm. You almost cannot see the chick in there, as the two animals are nearly the same color, but once you look closely, you can surely see it. The two just look so natural and loving together that it can be hard to spot what is different about the footage, but it just goes to show that the animosity between cat and bird isn’t necessarily existent or as prominent as it is made out to be in movies and on TV. It’s truly a precious sight to see, as it seems that the feline is holding the bird chick just as it would its own baby kitten – or a stuffed animal!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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