Cute Kitty in a Teacup is One Reason to Get up in the Morning!


When it comes to adorable videos you simply wont fin’d one better than the one below.  I know there are tons of videos bouncing around the internet today but this one takes the cake.  Below I have added for your viewing pleasure a video of too very cute kitties in teacups.  These sweet looking felines are so fun to watch and they really make you feel warm inside.  I for one simply loved the video and I think after you see it you will agree that it’s a very beautiful clip.

In the video these cats seem to really enjoy sitting and often hiding in two very large teacups.  Both of these animals look very similar to one another and they even act like each other.  They are both tabbies and have very similar facial features.  I wonder if they are siblings?  It’s a real joy to watch these animals as they seem to bask in the teacups. While I would suggest washing the cups before using them this is a great alternative use for them and the cats seem to love it.

These cups are used as a prop to amplify the cuteness of these two cats and who ever put this video together has done a really great job.  I also really enjoy the music playing in the back ground.  It’s a very pleasing song with only instruments playing.  It almost reminds me of a Christmas song.  After being posted a few days ago on the internet, this video has spiked in popularity and I’m sure we all know why.  This clip has several thousand views and I’m sure it will get more each and every day.

If you are not a morning person and you often wakeup on the wrong side of the bed.  This video is a great way to put a smile on your face.  So before you have your morning coffee make sure to check out this super cute video.   These two felines are a great reason for getting up in the morning.  So make sure to bookmark it so that you can enjoy it each and every day.

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