The Cutest Kitten Falls Asleep to Kisses


If you’ve been around a cat long enough, you’ll notice that they really do spend a lot of time sleeping. While they will usually play with you when they are alert, when they are tired or if they are bored, they will most likely be found getting a lot of shut-eye. In fact, cats spend a lot of time sleeping – anywhere from 16 to 20 hours, on the upper end of the spectrum if they are really young or really old cats. They actually spend two-thirds of their lives asleep, but not in the typical human sense of the word. ┬áCats are always alert, even when they are technically snoozing. Just because they are sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean they are off the clock. Cats sleeping a lot isn’t really a bad thing – after all, they are just so completely adorable and innocent looking with their eyes closed and while they are slumbering! In a viral cat video, one super-cute kitten shows us just how tired and sleepy a feline can get, automatically falling asleep in its human mother’s arms.

In the video below, a very adorable orange and white kitten named Manu the kitten snuggles against its female human. As the kitty’s human smothers it with kisses, you can see the feline closing its eyes and getting very sleepy. Tucked into its human mommy’s arms and sweet kisses are all it needs to settle in and make its way to dreamland. At one point, the tired baby cat wakes up from getting a few seconds of shut-eye and ends up playfully nipping at its human before slouching over to the side and really knocking out into a full-on slumber. You can’t help but want to reach out into the computer screen and cuddle with the feline because of how precious and cute it is – a sleeping kitten never looked more precious!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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