The Cutest Munchkin Cat Videos of 2014

What is a munchkin cat? It’s something most of us have wondered at some point in the past few years. It seems to be something that just sort of popped up out of nowhere, and it’s the actual truth. The munchkin is a relatively new breed of kitten, and it’s something that occurs only because of a genetic mutation. It’s not something that everyone agrees with, especially when the breed was recognized internationally as a breed back in 1995. Many people are concerned about breeding these cats because a genetic mutation is not usually a good thing. It typically means that cats might have behavior issues as well as health issues. However, it seems the most common issue with this particular cat is simply one of mobility. Its short legs make it difficult for munchkins to maneuver if they gain too much weight, which is something that’s easily avoided by cautious cat owners. Here are some munchkin cats that aren’t bothered by their leg size.

Munchkin Compilation

There’s something about a munchkin cat doing absolutely nothing that’s completely adorable. In this short video, you will see a compilation of 6-second vine videos of a munchkin cat just being adorable. It doesn’t take much for this little cat to pull at your heartstrings, but it does make you wonder if the owner of this sweet cat does anything but film this animal on a regular basis. The way this video works makes you think this little cat might be the Kardashian’s of the munchkin cat world.

More Munchkins

Their short legs and long bodies make them seem a little bit like hot dog cats, but they’re not. What they are is adorable, and watching these short films compiled to create one two-and-a-half minute long video of munchkin cats is worth the time you could spend doing something else that’s certainly more important and more productive. By the time you’re finished watching this video, however, you’re going to want to perform a quick internet search to find out where you can find your own munchkin cat to adopt or purchase so that you can have this kind of cuteness overload in your house at all times. When you create a compilation of cats with short legs and with adorable faces, it’s hard not to become one of the most popular videos of the year simply because it’s one of the cutest videos of the year.

Munchkin Cats Play Soccer

Okay, so it kind of makes you wonder who has time to come up with stuff like this while alternately thanking these people you don’t know for having the time and thought process to come up with stuff like this so you have something to do when you don’t actually feel like doing anything else. Someone had the idea to put munchkin cats on a small board and have them play soccer, and it’s fantastic! In all seriousness, cats should be athletes. While we might actually end up watching them take long naps rather than actually participating in sports, we don’t care. It seems worth it to us. These cute cats work hard to play a game of soccer, which actually looks a bit competitive and a lot like something we wish we could see in person. Soccer and munchkins seems like something you wouldn’t get to see, ever, in your life, but today we are making it a reality for you to see something that most people only wish they could witness. You’ll be able to say you saw a soccer match more interesting than the World Cup, and the only thing cuter than watching these cats play soccer is watching David Beckham play soccer.

Munchkin Cat Hanging Out

Sometimes all you want to do is sit at your computer and watch the most adorable little kitten you’ve ever seen stare back at you. That’s what you can do with this video. About halfway through the kitten yawns, and it happens just when you think that this little fellow couldn’t get any cuter. It can. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, or anything about the kitten. What we know is that it’s beyond cute and we couldn’t stop watching the entire video even though we had about a million other things to do. Also, we’re now on the hunt for a cat just like this. Sometimes you just need to watch a cat hanging out to really understand what it is about cats that is so adorable. Except that this cat doesn’t need an explanation or understanding. It’s just plain cute.

Munchkin Running

It really only lasts 7 seconds, but it’s 7 of the cutest seconds of your life watching this adorable little cat run down the hallway and straight at you. What’s cuter? Practically nothing when you consider that this cat is giving you the impression that it’s going to fall flat on its face at any given moment. However, she makes it down the hall without slipping on her short legs and furry body, and it makes you smile even though there’s absolutely no point to the video other than to show the cat running. It’s really cute. All you need is seven seconds to enjoy this video. The only problem with it is that you’re eventually going to realize that it’s been several minutes because you’ve been watching the entire bit of hilarity on repeat because it’s just too cute and too enjoyable not to enjoy this way.

Munchkin Kittens

There is only one thing more adorable than a munchkin cat, and that’s a munchkin kitten. These adorable little kittens are beyond cute and they know it. With their short legs and tiny bodies, they appear even smaller than other kittens, which makes them all the more lovable and adorable in most people’s opinions. Since there are so many cute munchkin cat videos on the internet, it’s difficult to choose just a few to be the best ones, so this person decided to take a bunch of cute videos and turn them into one amazing compilation, and it totally works for cat lovers. These kittens are going to make you wish you’d find a litter of your own so that you could keep them all forever. It’s important to remind yourself that cats meow at night and they do tend to trip you in the dark.

Excited Munchkin

There is nothing else in the world as cute as this tiny munchkin kitten chasing a toy that his or her owner is dragging around the room in front of him. It’s enough to make you want to scoop him up and take him home with you. Except that you can’t because you don’t know where he is or where to find him. At the end of the day, however, you’re going to want to watch this cute video again and again. In fact, it might make a great distraction for your kids when you put it on repeat so you can have a few moments to get dinner ready or actually make a trip to the bathroom without an audience for the first time in forever. This is so cute that you will actually want to watch it repeatedly. We dare you not to send this link to your friends and family.

Munchkin Being Cute

When you are a cat with short legs, you are going to be well loved by all the people in the world. This 7-second video shows a cat with short legs, known as a munchkin, doing nothing but being cute. He’s just walking around and being a cat and making people all over the world fall in love with him as he exists. What a sweet cat! This video is going to make you want to get a video camera and a munchkin cat of your own, even though they’re not that easy to find. There’s something so adorable about a cat whose legs aren’t as long as other cats. Perhaps it is there permanently kitten-like appearance that makes them so adorable. We don’t know for certain. All we know is that these cats are really cute.

Munchkin the Munchkin Cat

This adorable kitten is one of the cutest cats you will ever see in your life. This kitten is a munchkin kitten that goes by the name of munchkin. Your heart is sure to melt watching Munchkin’s owners play with her, especially when you realized that the hand of the owner is larger than the kitten itself. Do not allow your kids watch this video if you are not looking to get a kitten of your own, because they will never stop asking for a kitten once they see this adorable little creature in all its glory. Go ahead and spend the next minute-and-a-half watching this adorable kitten as it plays with its owner and just looks adorable.

Munchkin Cat Begging

Cats aren’t usually known to beg. They’re more known for their condescending looks and their ability to make you feel like you are completely unintelligent. It’s dogs that get in trouble for begging. However, this munchkin cat has perfected the art of standing on her back legs and begging for treats. It’s cute to watch, especially when the cat stands up to beg and you notice just how short her legs really are. Of course, it’s also true that she has very long fur, so it could just be making her legs look even shorter than they really are. This cat actually begs better than any dog we’ve ever seen, which is pretty impressive.

Munchkin Cat and Balloons

What do you get when you cross a bucket of water balloons, a munchkin kitten and the Fourth of July? A wet mess; that’s what you get. This adorable cat managed to do something she probably wasn’t supposed to do, unless her owners allow her to hang out for fun on the kitchen counter, and she was caught doing it on camera, much to the delight of the general public. This adorable munchkin finds a bucket of premade water balloons and does her best to ensure that these evil creatures are destroyed. Her owner captures the entire thing on film, and it’s too cute not to share!

Munchkin is Camera Shy

This is not the video for people who suffer from motion sickness. This adorable munchkin cat is not a fan of the camera, as you can see. Anytime her owner puts the camera in her face, she immediately ducks down or jumps up to avoid being caught on film. With a face this adorable, however, we can’t figure out why this sweet cat doesn’t want to be caught on film. It’s too cute to keep its face hidden from the world. Sweet kitten doesn’t want to show her sweet face to the world but when you look like that, you are destined for fame so she better get used to photographers in her face.

Munchkin isn’t Amused

Watch as a normal cat bothers a four-and-a-half year old munchkin cat by hitting the munchkin in the face with this paw. What’s cute about this video is the fact that this cat is far, far from amused. He is taking it, but he’s not loving it. The cat tries to bite the bothersome kitty, but the cat doing the annoying isn’t bothered by the munchkin. In fact, the munchkin’s annoyance seems to make the other cat more excited to keep bothering him. It’s like watching the relationship between an older sister and a younger brother unfold.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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