The Cutest Tonkinese Kitten Videos of 2014


While most of us don’t love a self-centered individual, we do love a self-centered cat. Of course, most cats seem overly self-centered and we are okay with that. We love a good Tonkinese because this is a cat that loves to believe that people were only put on the planet earth so that they could focus solely on their cat. We have to love a cat that believes he is the center of the universe. Like we said, we love a self-centered cat. In addition to the belief that you are here to serve this kitten, the Tonkinese cat is one that is a lot of fun. Even when it grows up it retains a great deal of its kitten-like nature, making it one of the most desirable cats to call a pet. We love that this cat never really ‘grows up,’ which is something we all wish we didn’t have to do. On that note, if you’re going to get one of these wonderful cats, you should get two. One can get into a lot of trouble, but two can keep each other entertained and out of trouble, and that might be a solution that works for you. And we have a few videos that might just convince you that we are right about all of this.

Baby Kittens

There is really nothing sweeter than watching these sweet baby kittens as they nurse and spend time with their mother. These Tonkinese kittens are so adorable and so sweet, and they are seriously just about as wonderful as you could even imagine. It kind of makes you want to have a litter of your own, does it not? And this mama cat looks like she takes so naturally to having multiple little ones all at once, but we are guessing that’s because she spends her time napping with the kittens and they spend their time being adorable and not crying out loud. What a sweet video.

An Affectionate Cat

The video has a bit of a rough start. So much so, in fact, that you might feel more like you’re in the middle of a roller coaster at Universal Studios than you are online watching videos of adorable cats, but that’s just the way it is. This sweet cat is so affectionate and so loving that it makes you want one of your own. This is the friendliest, most adorable kitten we’ve ever seen as it searches for love and the hand that will pet it until its heart is content. Have you ever seen a kitten work so hard to get a good scratch on the head? She’s doing just as much work as her owner it seems, and it’s just about the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen as far as affection goes in cats.

Fuzzy White Kittens

This is clearly a video shot by a breeder who is looking to sell cats after they were born, but really, how on earth are you supposed to deny the adorable nature of these tiny white kittens? They might be the sweetest kittens we’ve ever seen. And we are convinced at this moment in time that there is no other way to go in life than to find a breeder of Tonkinese kittens so that we can get one of our own, and that’s just how it’s going to be around here until we actually find one.

Playful Arguments

Sometimes you find yourself in the midst of a conversation with someone else and you find yourself staring at them in all their stupidity, wishing you could just jump on them and smack them upside the head with your paw. Then you remember you are not a cat and you can’t do that without being completely inappropriate and completely in the wrong. You can imagine it all you want, however, but you really do sometimes feel this way. That’s the same way one of these Tonkinese kittens felt when he was in the midst of an interaction with the other. So he does what any good cat does, and he pounces. The rest of the video is just a great deal of fun watching the two of them attack one another like a couple of crazed animals as they just hang out and do nothing in particular.

Barking Kitty

Have you ever seen a cat bark? Well, now you have. This video is too cute. This cat is watching his toy and barking at it, and we can’t help but think he sounds just a little bit like a dog in the process. It’s beyond adorable, and we love the concept that these cats can bark like dogs and still have the same feline prowess as a cat. We think he might be mad at the toy, or maybe mad at the person holding the toy who just doesn’t seem to want to give it to him at all. But that wouldn’t make for interesting filming, so we have to do what’s best for the audience, right?

The Alien Kitten

Have you ever heard a cat that sounds like an alien? There’s no big secret out there that the Tonkinese is a cat that sounds a lot like anything but a cat. In fact, they are often called the “Talk” inese because of the way that they spend their time talking to one another and to their families. This is a very vocal cat, and it’s really cute to hear them speak. We love this video because it will give you a great idea of what you can expect if you get a cat like this of your own. You won’t be surprised to hear your cat for the first time if you know what it’s going to sound like and what’s in store for you at the moment.

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