A Dalmatian Couple Provides Full Service Kitty Daycare

Kitty daycare

As pet owners, many of us have used a pet daycare from time to time.  You have a trip to take but can’t bring your furry friend along with you, so you check them into a daycare.  Maybe you have a cat that simply does not want to be left alone, so you bring them to the daycare while you are at work.  These pet daycare’s are popping up all over the place.  But one particular kitty daycare is unlike any you have ever seen.  This is not your typically kitty daycare service.  The kittens that go to this daycare are actually foster kittens, that a couple have taken into there home.  But there is a twist to this story that I think you are really going to enjoy!

You see, instead of the foster parents looking after these kittens during the day, a pair of Dalmatian’s are the ones looking after the felines.  As you will see in the video, these two dogs really know how to take care of these adorable kittens.  During this fun to watch video the two dogs are cleaning the kittens up and making sure that they are perfectly clean.  The dogs seem to be in amazement over the kittens and simply love to be around them.  One of the Dalmatians is really being playful and she rolls around the floor while the kittens are crawling around.  This dog is really excited!

These kittens are very tiny and likely they are being feed by a bottle.  The foster parents are doing the hard work, while the dogs get to do the easy part.  While it might seem like play, these dogs are really helping out by stimulating the kittens and keeping them active.  This video is really sweet and you can see the love that the dogs have for these tiny little creatures.  Not all dogs like to hang around cats, but these two seem to be having a blast.  If you have not watched the video yet you should really check it out.  It will have you smiling and maybe even laughing out loud!

Image via YouTube.com

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