Dealing With Cat Withdrawal When You’re Out of Town

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Going on vacation out of town is usually a cause for excitement and fun! However, as a cat owner, sometimes fun and excitement can be replaced by or added to feelings of sadness and guilt being away from your cat for so long. Even if it’s just one day or overnight that you’re gone, you can’t help but have feelings of cat withdrawal!

Here’s how you know that you are dealing with cat withdrawal when you’re out of town:

– You leave out your black shirt/skirt/dress/pants on your hotel bed and come back only to find out… nothing happened! When your cat is at home, you better believe they will somehow end up in all of your black or dark clothing, with all of their fur attached and stuck to your clothing.

– You feel like something hopped into your bed in the middle of the night, but it couldn’t have been because you aren’t at home. And your cat isn’t with you either.

– Whenever you see a cat anywhere on your trip (that is clearly not yours), you fawn over it telling everyone you see, “Look at that cat over there! It reminds me of (insert cat’s name here).” You not only say this once, but multiple times to the same people.

– You unconsciously push away your cat while in bed, only to fully wake up and realize your cat isn’t there and you aren’t actually in your own home.

– You wake up super late only because your real life alarm clock (read: your kitty) isn’t there to bother you early in the morning with its obnoxious meows.

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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