Deformed Kitten’s Will To Live is an Inspiration to Us All


For many years Laura Hawthorne has been at the forefront of the animal rescue movement.  She has helped find home from hundreds of cats and even some dogs over the years.  She has worked tirelessly to provide the support these animals need to survive.

But when she found 3 little deformed kittens at an animal shelter, her whole world changed.  After the shelter had given up on the three animals; due to lack of resources, Laura decided to take on the challenge herself and take the cats with her.

After bringing the three little kittens’ home, sadly one of them died.  After a few weeks of taking care of the other two felines, she had them checkout by her local Vet.  More bad news was to come.

Finding deformities in both animals was bad enough, but one of the cats named Curly Sue, had a heart defect.  After 12 weeks from the Vet visit, Curly Sue passed after from a massive heart attack.  Laura took this really hard, but she knew she still had to fight to keep the other cat alive.  Saddened but determined, Laura marched on in the face of adversity.

The last remaining cat named pretzel, has grown much stronger and is now 7 months old.  While she faces many challenges in the future, she has come a long way.  Even though she has mobility issues, she still has a really great time playing with the other cats in the home. She is expect to live a long and happy life and is currently seeking a home that she can call her own.  Surely someone will come forward and want to adopt this very beautiful little kitten soon.

But sadly there are many of these cats who fall between the cracks, due to their severe conditions.  Laura Hawthorne is now currently setting up a fund to take care of some of these animals.  The need is greater than you can imagine and if something isn’t done about it, many of these cats will be put to sleep.

For more information about Laura’s cause, you can visit this website for detailed info.

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