Are You Destined to be a Crazy Cat Lady?

We may be crazy about cats and we may be ladies, but does that really mean it’s possible for us to become the crazy cat lady everyone talks about? There’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of cat loving and yes, we might be a tad overbearing when it comes to all matters feline – some might even call it borderline crazy. But we just can’t help it if we believe that cats are just the bees knees; after all, historically cats in ancient Egypt were worshiped – that has to mean something, right?!

Here are some signs that you just might be a crazy cat lady-in-training:

– You own a cat sweater. Or shoes. Or socks. Or leggings. Or all of those.

– You force your cat to snuggle with you, even if it obviously doesn’t want to.

– Your cat has more clothes than you do.

– Your phone case has a cat on it.

– You keep every single empty cardboard box you come across, just in case your cat might want to use it.

– Your social media accounts are pretty much all cat galleries.

– You have cat hair all over you: your clothes, your hair, your skin, your purse – everywhere.

– Your idea of high fashion involves some sort of cat inspired outfit.

– You have theme birthday parties for your cats.

– You buy lint rollers by the bulk.

– You have a cat tattoo or are really contemplating getting a cat tattoo.

– You take online quizzes with the title “Are You a Crazy Cat Lady?”

– When people call you a crazy cat lady, you either: get mad on the outside but inside, you totally don’t care, or you just shrug it off – they just might be right!

Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images

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