Dilly the Rescued Kitten Survives Being Abandoned and Finds Loving Forever Home


Piccadilly, nicknamed Dilly, came into her owner A.M.’s life as the Philadelphia, PA resident was preparing to move to a new city. As a lifelong cat person, she often wondered how she would handle life without a kitty by her side. A few months before she moved, a family friend had told her about a litter of young kittens that was without a mother cat – one of which was nearly hit by a car while running across a country road. A.M., along with her sister and a friend, jumped into the car to go find the kittens.

When they arrived, they could hear the kittens meowing but the felines were too frightened to come near them. Dilly was the first one to venture toward the scent of canned cat food, and when her snatched the feline up, she threw a sweatshirt around the little kitten and held on tightly. Dilly was tiny, a mere 6-8 weeks old, and sick with an upper respiratory infection. She dove into the can of food and tried to meow while she ate, but she was so hoarse she couldn’t make a sound. She eventually took the tiny cat from her sister because she couldn’t trust anyone else to put up with her squirming and scratching, and she knew there was no way she’d let this rescued kitten go.

It took a while, but they managed to wrangle the rest of the litter and bring them home. Dilly needed veterinary care right away due to the respiratory infection, an eye infection, and a grub that had burrowed into her cheek. She needed frequent medication, hot compresses on her face, and eye ointment. Although she hated the medication, she loved being rescued. Within a couple days she learned to climb onto her shoulder, where she would perch like a bird, and purr while she rubbed A.M.’s cheek with hers. She was so small she’d fall through her legs when she tried to sleep in her lap, but she kept purring. Dilly finally got well, and by that time there was no question about it: she would definitely be coming with A.M. to her new apartment.

Photo Source: The Animal Rescue Site 

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