Doctors Find Cancer After Cats Repeatedly Press on Grandma’s Stomach

Cancer Cat Grandma

While we all love just how silly cats can be, little do we know that sometimes they’re quirky behavior can be the signal of something else.   The next time your cat seems to act peculiar for a while you might want to refer to this story.  It turns out that cats have an intriguing ability to detect illness in people long before doctors can detect anything.  In fact there have been multiple cases of both dogs and cats detecting illnesses in their owners.  Fast forward to now?

The latest case comes out of Staffordshire, UK where a grandmother credits her three cats with discovering a rare cancer in time.  According to Caters News Agency

Stephanie Doody, a grandmother living in the UK, might never have gone to doctor if it weren’t for her three beloved cats. She didn’t feel sick at all, and she wasn’t experiencing any symptoms that would make her worry about cancer, but her cats had recently developed a strange habit. The trio of felines would follow her around constantly — not too unusual — but would supplement their routine by constantly nudging and batting at her stomach when she sat down.

Doody went on to explain,

“For a while my cats had been following me around but that’s normal – they’re cats and that’s what they do. But it got more and more intense and for months they stayed with me everywhere I went.”

It took about six months for Doody to finally catch on to what her cats were alerting her to.  Doody eventually went to a Doctor where they were completely baffled after ruling out three types of cancer.  However, they did think the lump was in fact a certain type of cancer.  After more tests, they determined that the lump was a rare cancer of the appendix called pseudomyxoma peritonei.

Thanks to her kitties, Doody was able to go in for surgery and have the affected areas removed.

Meanwhile, she’s now doing much better, though she still bears a large scar her grandchildren have taken to calling “Nana’s zipper.”

Stephanie Doody and Jaffy

Cats Found my Cancer

Stephanie Doody and Jaffy

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