Dog and Kitten Meet for the First Time and Become Friends


Cats and dogs have a notorious reputation for not always getting along; after all, vicious fights between humans have been often described as “fighting like cats and dogs.” With a phrase like that, it comes with the assumption that cats and dogs are often thought to be mortal enemies and that they simply cannot stand one another. Whoever gave that idea was clearly in the wrong, as many households boast animal family members that include both cats and dogs who can obviously cohabitate with one another. They can even get along so well, just like loving family members often do! It’s a precious sight to see when a cat and a dog are spotted being friendly and loving to one another – it’s a sight unlike any other. In a viral cat video, a dog and kitten meet for the first time, and the results are purely heartwarming.

In the video below, you can see Buster and Alvin’s first encounter and with all this talk about cats and dogs not getting along, you’d expect to see that exact mentality pan out in front of you in the video… but it doesn’t happen. When the dog and kitten first meet, Buster is so gentle with Alvin, as the playful kitty paws at the sweet canine. Throughout the video, you see the kitten being its energetic playful self, while the dog pays attention to the cat but doesn’t harm him in the slightest – even when the cat takes over the dog’s crate! The mischievous feline gets himself into many occasions and instances where the dog could possibly get territorial, including the cat drinking the dog’s water and even trying to play with him while he is eating his toy bone. Many other hostile dogs would have easily chomped the cat to bits, but Buster is as calm as a cucumber, staying nice to the kitty. It’s apparent that these two could be fast friends, and by the end of the video, that’s exactly what happens!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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