Domestic Cat and Lynx Become Unlikely Best Friends


Now that we know that, for the most part, cats and dogs can get along, it’s not so surprising when stories about the two bonding and cohabiting circulate. But what about when it comes to a domestic cat and a possibly dangerous, larger wild cat?! It may have been completely unheard of, but two cats from both sides of the spectrum have proven that domestic and wild cats can co-exist – at least in their case!

A calico cat and a wild lynx have become the most unlikely best friends at the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia. The calico, a homeless stray named Dusja, had  made her way into the Russian zoo and went over to the lynx’s enclosure because there was food there. The lynx, named Linda, was surprisingly accommodating of the feline and accepted the domestic cat into her world – and the two became fast friends. The zookeepers didn’t have the heart to separate the two, so the zoo has now adopted the calico.

In the video below, you can see the two unlikely BFFs grooming each other as people look on. Dusja grooms Linda first and for a second they both look up and realize that people are watching them, but decide not to pay any mind. Linda then returns the favor and grooms little Dusja. In the minute and ten second clip, we also see the duo snuggling with one another. Dusja walked into to the zoo looking for food and what she found was a friend.

Photo Source: Imgur 

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