Dori the Persian Cat is Last of Rescued Pets to Find a New Home


On March 3, 2014, 24 Persian and Siamese cats that were living in a car were eventually surrendered to a local humane society. Apparently their owner, a veteran, had fallen on hard times and had to surrender her pets when she checked into the hospital. The Humane Society of Lebanon County, PA thus took responsibility for the 24 felines and 3 canines that were surrendered by the U.S. military veteran. After losing her job and then subsequently her home in mid-January, the veteran had no choice but to live in her car with the animals.  The woman let the hospital staff know her pets were in her vehicle and had turned the animals over to the Humane Society once when she checked herself into the Lebanon VA Medical Center.

While some people choose to abandon their pets after losing their homes, the veteran tried to keep her beloved furry friends, even though life in the car wasn’t the most ideal situation.

Up until recently, all of the woman’s pets had been adopted into good homes – except for one! The last remaining pet is a little kitten who needed to reach a certain weight before she could be found another home. The Persian kitten, named Dori, was put up for adoption  Wednesday, April 23. Dori is a dilute tortoiseshell, and is about four months old. She will be adopted on a first-come, first-served basis to those with an approved adoption application.

“We’re just very happy to be able to give back to our veterans,” Suzanne Biever, shelter Communications Director, said. “The veteran’s animals have been well taken care of at the shelter and have found their new homes. Now it’s Dori’s turn.”

After Dori finds a good loving home, the promise to care for the veteran’s pets and find them homes will be fulfilled.

Image via Life With Cats TV 

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