Dos And Don’ts For Cats Stuck In Trees

It’s no secret that cats are curious creatures – which is why so many of them end up getting stuck in trees! Our feline friends have the muscle composition and body structure that is built for climbing. Outdoor cats are often found in trees because, being an easy target for a lot of larger animals, a tree is probably the fastest and safest way they can find to avoid a predator. Even house cats can find themselves stuck up a tall tree because of their instincts and curiosity, especially if they happen to see a bird or two up there!
So what does one do if they find their beloved kitty stuck up in a tree? While it may be tempting to assist your cat by climbing after it, don’t. While the tree may appear sturdy, you could find yourself to be seriously injured from falling off a tree branch.
Here are some dos and don’ts for cats stuck in trees:

– Do call an expert.

– Don’t call the fire department or police; they typically won’t commit resources that might be needed in a bigger emergency.

– Do call soon. Cats can survive several days, but the longer you wait, the weaker they get, increasing their risk of falling.

– Don’t spray the cat with water to force it down; it will only climb higher.

– Do keep your cats’ claws trimmed. If your cat spends any time outdoors, don’t declaw it.

– Do give your cat safe place to retreat from dogs and other threats, without having to climb a tree.

– Don’t give up on finding a lost cat. Do look up, because it might be in a tree.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

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