A Drop of Vodka Saves a Cat from Anti-Freeze Poisoning


It’s common knowledge that alcoholic can be quite dangerous and poisonous to cats, but in one special case, it actually saved the life of a cat from Redcar, UK who had consumed anti-freeze poisoning and could have died from it. Missey the cat was soaking wet when she came back from being out and about outside. Initially, her owners thought that she was wet because of water, but it turns out that it was actually anti-freeze! The following day the feline was extremely sick, with her owners rushing her to the vet, where the news was confirmed that little Missey had somehow ingested anti-freeze. Her owners were shocked to hear that it would take a vodka drip to help cure the little feline – yes, vodka. Over the next two days, the kitten was given a half-liter of vodka, which made her drunk but also ended up saving her precious life.

“When we heard about the treatment I was just shocked. I had no idea you could even give an animal vodka,” her owner Sara said.

Apparently, the kitten ended up getting quite drunk after having vodka fed to her on the drip – not too different from how many humans get when vodka is involved.

“She was trying to get up and she just toppled over. Her eyes were out of focus and when we took her home in a carry basket, her mouth has pressed up against the wire so it looked as though she had her teeth bared,” Sara continued. “At one point she was lying down trying to swipe at a pen and she just kept missing it, she was that out of it. It was all just totally mad.”

The feline got treated at White Cross Vets but was later moved over to Vets Now. Dr. Andrew Miller treated Missey at White Cross and explained how the vodka is able to work against the anti-freeze as a cure rather than a poison to animals. Apparently the ethanol in vodka neutralizes the anti-freeze. The vodka treatment is a bit unusual but it is used when needed and works to save the lives of animals.

Dr. Miller explained: “Anti-freeze is life-threatening. Sadly, not all animals we have seen who have swallowed the substance make it, but if seen quickly and if they are given the vodka to react to the anti-freeze, they have a good chance of surviving.”

Thankfully, little Missey is one of those animals who has been able to survive an anti-freeze poisoning thanks to the unusual but powerful vodka method. Currently, Missey is back home with Sara and recovering from it all. She has had a change in her and seems to be doing well.

(Photo Source: WHBY)

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