Dude The Black Cat has a Funny First Person Story


My name is Dude, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Mommy also does fostering and the trap, neuter or spay, release program. I think I’m the best looking of them all and can’t stop admiring myself. Mommy says I’m handsome and I totally agree. When I know I’m in trouble I always hide in the bathroom tub behind the clear curtain and to this day can’t figure out how she finds me. I been with my family now for 4 yrs. Was brought here when a friend of my moms found me but couldn’t keep me. At first she was just going to find someone to take me but of course she fell in love with me(how could she not, right?) and now I’m here furever. If you look closely you can see my sister Angel in the reflection on top of the radio.

Thanks to Lashell Spilner for this funny description!

Do you have any great cat stories or pictures?  We encourage you to please send and upload them through our Facebook page for inclusion onto the website.   Just check out Dude here.  Be he never thought he’d be on Kittentoob!  P.S. we love rescue stories as well as anything motivational.  We’re always interested in increasing awareness in the cat community and helping out our feline friends!

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