Dutch Cat Has Been Waiting At A Tram Stop For 10 Years


For 10 years a cat in Rotterdam-Kralingen, which is located in The Netherlands, has been waiting at a local tram stop.  While this cute feline isn’t waiting to ride the tram, he does love sitting under the shelter located at the stop. The driver of the tram says he has seen this cat, whose name is Ake, for 10 years sitting under the shelter.  Some may think this feline is homeless, but in fact he has a loving home with owners that care a great deal about their pet.  But Ake seems to love sitting at the tram stop during the day and the owners now allow him to enjoy the area.

Ake’s owners use to make him go home when they saw him out by the stop, but now allow him to visit during the day.  It seems that this cute kitty has gotten a lot of attention from the travelers, who ride the tram.  People even come to the tram stop just to take a photo with Ake.  There are many photos of the cat and travelers all over the internet. But there is a downside to being so popular. Many of the people that come to the tram stop, often feed Ake and sometimes with people food. All of this food is not so healthy for this kitty, who suffers from an illness that has caused him serious health issues.

Ake has a bad case of bad cystitis and has to be on a special diet. While the owners thank the people who have brought their pet food, they caution them not too.  After posting a letter on Facebook asking people not to feed Ake and putting a sign up at the tram stop, people do not feed Ake anymore. The cat has his own seat at the stop and even if the weather is raining outside, no one has ever asked the cat to move.  If you are ever in Rotterdam-Kralingen, you too might want to take a picture of yourself with Ake.  He is a beautiful feline that has a very beautiful personality and many people enjoying being around him.

Image via Facebook

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