Egyptian Bronze Cat That was Nearly Thrown Away Sells for over $60,000

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Many of us have probably seen a Chinese golden cat that seems to wave its left paw continuously.  This kind of cat figure is usually present at businesses because it is believed to bring good luck.  Today I am going to talk about an oldie cat figure that’s rich in both history and value.  But its owner did not know how much the cat figure was worth and it almost end up in the trash bin. An ancient cat figure was sold for over $60,000 at an auction in the UK recently.  The figure, which is an Egyptian bronze cat is about 2,500 years old.  It was noted that the antique bronze cat got almost thrown away by its owner, who didn’t know about the figure’s market value.  In fact, it was at a house clearance in west Cornwall, UK when someone found the old artifact.

David Lay, a UK auctioneer, found out that the cat was previously owned by Douglas Liddell who used to work as a managing director for a London company that deals with Egyptian antiquities, Spink & Son.  After retiring, Mr. Liddell moved in Cornwall in 1987 up until 2003, the year he passed away. According to David Lay, leading experts at the British Museum had authenticated the Egyptian bronze cat long time ago which means that the feline figure is genuine.  The figure surpassed the expectations of many that it would sell anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000 because a prominent London dealer bought the antique cat figure for over $60,000.  Now that’s a lot of chaching!

Whoever found this Egyptian Bronze Cat figure at the house clearance is very lucky.  He sure made good profit with the very good find he got that day.  I’m sure the value of this age-old cat figure will go up in the future given the fact that’s it is an original Egyptian antique, which drives its value high. It would be nice to find antiques like this Egyptian Bronze Cat at a garage or estate sales.  This story is also a reminder not consider something worthless unless you have done a research about it.

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