Elderly Cat is Flown Across the Country to Be Reunited With Her Mom

Erin Rose

When it comes to long lost pets, we have all heard the stories.  Dogs and cats around the country being reunited with their owners, thanks to kind people. But when it comes to the feline in this next story, everyone is going to be amazed at the reunion.

A cat named Erin Rose came wondering into the Rohnert Park Animal shelter, in the state of California by the help of a very kind soul.  The person that brought her in was really worried about the cat because it was in such poor health.  But the fine folks at the animal shelter brought her back to health, in a short amount of time.

The underweight cat was soon back to her old self again.  Another great thing was about to happen to the cat.  Her identity was reveled thanks to a microchip that she had been outfitted with many years ago.  On that chip was some contact information that would lead to finding her old owner.

When Erin Roses owner had to move to Florida, she left the feline behind with some neighbors.  Fearing that the 15 year old cat was simply too old to travel, she felt best giving her to someone else.  But apparently the cat had other plans.  It seems that after four years of living with the neighbor, the kitty started missing her old owner and ran away.  This is how she ended up at the shelter and how she was going to get reunited with her pet mom.

After arriving at the shelter, the cat was checked for a microchip and after finding one the staff started tracking down the owner.  But the owner’s phone number had changed since she moved to Florida.  But an alternative contact; the woman’s ex-husband, gave the staff her new number.

After calling up the pet mom; whose name is Rebecca, the feline was finally getting to go home.  But Rebecca lived on a fixed income and could not afford to ship the animal.  Luckily there were some very kind people who chipped in and had the cat flown to Florida to be with her owner.  I really found this story sweet and I am really glad that Erin Rose is back where she belongs.

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