Elvis The Siamese Cat Will NOT Be Ignored!


While there are cats who are super shy and run away at the sight of their owners sometimes, felines usually enjoy the attention and affection of their humans. They love the way their humans pay attention to them, pet them and play with them. In fact, some kitties will demand your attention, especially if you’re not necessarily giving it to them. Cats don’t like being ignored by their owners and will do anything in their power to grab their attention – anything from casually, but meaningfully rubbing against them while walking past them to sitting right in front of them and meowing to being more on the aggressive side and jumping into their laps! In a viral cat video, a Siamese cat named Elvis gives a good idea of what it’s like to have a cat who refuses to be ignored.

In the video below, Georgia Hardstark’s cat Elvis shows his disdain for being ignored, especially when she is working from home. The nine-year-old Siamese kitty spends the minute-long video distracting poor Georgia as she attempts to do some work. Instead, she ends up with Elvis in her lap most of the time, petting him, cuddling him, and giving him smooches. It does look like she gets to do a tad bit of work, but mostly it’s Elvis who is distracting her from what she needs to do. Elvis, of course, starts it, tapping her with his little paws, nudging her with his head, meowing at her and playing with her as he is in her lap – he even just stares longingly at his human, as if to say, “Pay attention to me.” At one point, she asks little Elvis if he wants a cookie, to which he responds with some very resounding meows. Elvis is sure one persistent feline who ends up getting what he wants. Ah, the power of an adorable kitty!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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