Ever Wonder What Cats Do At Night? Wonder No More!

cats at night

Have you ever wondered what your cat does at night?  Do you wake up to strange sounds, but when you investigate your pet is simply laying in its bed?  One pet owner was very curious about what there feline friends were doing at night, so they set up a hidden camera with night vision.  As you will see in the video, this kitty is doing some pretty wild things, while his owner is sleeping.  During the start of the video you see a cat appear out of nowhere.  The cat jumps on top of a cat tree and it almost looks like he is flying through the air.  Then the feline runs around and makes a ton of noise.

There is another cat in the video and they are also making a lot of noise.  Both of the cats can be seen playing together and one even has a toy mouse in its mouth.  After the video has been playing for a while, one of the cats notices the camera and walks up to it and stares directly into it.  This very curious kitty is probably wondering why they are being filmed.  As they creep around in the dark both of the cats seem to be very sneaky and are trying not to get caught while playing.

One of the funniest parts of the video is when one of the cats tries to open the door to the outside.  The kitty paws at the door, in hopes of getting it open.  But the door is locked and the feline gives up on his efforts.  Who knows what would have happened if he was successful, thankfully he wasn’t. As you can tell, this house is filled with cat toys, starching posts, a drinking fountain and tons of stuff to make these cats happy.  The owner must really love these two animals and have provided them with a kitty paradise.  If you ever wonder what cats do at night, this video is a great example of what some cats do when it gets dark. If you know a cat owner, you might want to share this amazing video with them.

Image via YouTube.com

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