Everyone Ignored This Cat, But This Amazing Guy Decided To Rescue It

blood 2

When Reddit user HoneyFlowers saw a cat lying on the sidewalk, which appeared to be bleeding, the man quickly took action.  He was shocked that other people were just walking by the cat, not even paying it much attention.  But after he saw what it really was, he was totally shocked.  The very large feline was lying on what appeared to be a large blood spatter, but that simply wasn’t the case.  Instead, the cat had decided to take a long nap on top of some very bright, dried red paint.  This could have fooled anybody, but the man was happy to see that the kitty was just fine.  Other people, who know the area, have probably seen the cat lying there before and that is why they didn’t stop.  This is a neighborhood cat who probably hangs around the area in hopes of finding food.

As you can see in the picture, the cat really does appear to be bleeding badly from a distance.  But once you get closer to the animal the red paint can be seen.  This is a totally bizarre and the cat looks as if he was ran over by a car or brutally attacked by a dog.  It really does look like something very bad has happened to the cat and anyone with a heart would run to the cat’s side.  Surely you would as well.

In this photo you can tell that the cat has just simply decided to take a nap on a very paint splattered sidewalk and it just so happens to look like blood.  Surely this feline has fooled more than just the one person and many people have probably ran to the cats recuse in the past.  Maybe this kitty is a practical joker and he knows what he is doing.   The world will never really know, but it’s pretty funny when you think about it.  One day the red paint will be removed and the cat won’t be able to fool anyone else, but until then, it seems like this cat is having a fun time fooling people.

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