Excited Cat is Very Happy to Tell His Owner He is Hungry

hungry cat

Sometimes cats are like people. They have a lot to say and it almost seems as if they can carry on the most amazing conversations with us. I remember growing up we had a cat that we adopted when I was in middle school. We loved that cat, and he had such a good relationship with my dad. My dad was his favorite. He followed him around the house, they would hang out together and he seemed to be the only person the cat wanted unless he had no choice in the matter whatsoever. Of course, that’s something that happens all the time. My dad doesn’t love animals, but they love him and then he turns into a big softie. That cat would talk to my dad and he would seem to understand everything that the cat was saying to him.

The man also has a cat, and he has a very hungry cat. His cat is clearly looking forward to meal time, the most important time of the day for any cat. Every single time this cat’s human asks him if he is hungry, the cat responds to him with the most excited noises. He’s clearly starving and wants to have a meal all to himself, and he wants to be sure that his owner does not miss the fact that he is hungry. We love this cat, and we love that he has so much to say about his life and his meals. It makes us laugh. Take a look.

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