Extremely Determined Kitten Repeatedly Climbs Owners’ Leg

Jumping kitty

When it comes to YouTube, one of my favorite things to watch on that website is animal videos.  These adorable videos really make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  One YouTube member, that has tons of animal videos, is Jordan Randomness.  He catches animals doing cute or funny things on film and uploads them on his channel for the whole world to enjoy.

One of his videos that I find the most amazing is one that stars a determined little grey kitty.  It seems that the grey little fur ball is trying his best to climb up the leg of his owner.  But each and every time the little kitty makes it to the top, his owner places him down on the floor.

Does this stop the cute little feline from giving up hope?  Not at all!  In fact this kitty tries many different times to reach the top, only to be disappointed by his owner.  But the guy in the video is not being rude or mean to the kitten, but rather teaching him not to climb on people.

Some cats have the habit of jumping onto people’s legs and when they get older, this could be a serious problem.  When you don’t correct this issue at a young age, many felines simply will never learn not to do this.

At the end of the video, the kitten seems to get the point and runs off.  This is a great way to train your feline not to jump onto peoples legs.  I know it may seem unkind to the kitten, because all it wants is to be loved, but preventing it from doing this is important.

Instead, the kitten should wait to be picked up by a person.  This will give the animal more obedience, when he is an adult and make him a very well rounded feline. I for one love the idea of training a cat when they are very young.  Some people don’t realize that cats, just like dogs need some formal training to, help them better navigate life with their human friends and family.

Image via Jordan Randomness at YouTube.com

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