Facebook Helps Save a Starving Cat from Post Office Roof


While social media can sometimes be seen as a very public place that reduces a person’s privacy and exploits countless bits of information, the positive side of social media often times outweighs the negative.  Especially when you get into things like fundraising for the right causes like money for victims of tragedy or non-profit organizations, or in this case saving the life of a cat.

Thanks to Facebook an orange and white tabby was rescued from a post office in San Leandro, CA. “I’m not a big fan of Facebook,” said Ken Carbone, owner of Dolphin Graphics in Castro Valley, whose employee, Bebe Duarte, began posting urgent pleas on the social media site to help get the cat down off the roof. “But today, something hugely positive came of it.”

Turns out that Duarte’s Facebook friend posted a message on Facebook earlier in the week that she saw a stranded cat on top of the post office across the street where she lives. Through message boards, instant message, and viral word a mouth, the kitty was eventually rescued, and not by conventional means.

Police, animal control and the fire department were all contacted. But it was a company called Construction Equipment Inc, that provided a bucket crane to the post office. A video was made of the rescue and a vet, Andrew Moffett checked out the cat for free. Check out the video here.

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