Fake Cartoon Eyes on Cats is Sweeping the Internet

Fake Cartoon Eyes 1

So it turns out that late last week, Twitter users in Japan began uploading photos of their cats with cartoon eyes.  Little did they know that this would spread like wild fire.  What we like here is that this isn’t anything like Dog shaming or anything like that.  There’s no harm to the cats.  It’s just simple and plain fun.

In Japanese, the meme is called “cat montage” (猫モンタージュ or neko montaaju). It all began when Twitter user Shiratamaaaa uploaded photos of cats with cartoon eyes, writing, “I recommend neko montage to those who have cats.” The pics were then retweeted nearly four thousand times.  Yes, 4000.  Though we think we can get that number to be higher, don’t you?

Here are some amazing photos of cats with fake cartoon eyes.

I See You!

Fake Cartoon Eyes 2

[Photo: m2k_36_uryyy]

Give me my Catnip!

Fake Cartoon Eyes 3

[Photo: HaruMebota]

I will win this staring contest

Fake Cartoon Eyes 4

[Photo: kagishippo]

Really?  Nine lives?

Fake Cartoon Eyes 5

[Photo: Luv1121Ryochan]

My peripheral vision is amazing

Fake Cartoon Eyes 6

[Photo: tooboe]

No dessert today?  That’s too bad

Fake Cartoon Eyes 7

[Photo: eviekko]

I’m in a trance

Fake Cartoon Eyes 8

[Photo: majan_saitou]

Stay still.  I’m studying your every move

Fake Cartoon Eyes 9

[Photo: chachan3011]

Hmmmmm. Looks like a mouse to me.

Fake Cartoon Eyes 10

[Photo: ammykrht]

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