Famed 15 year old Two-faced Janus Cat Frank Passes Away

Two-faced cat

One of the most intriguing felines that has ever walked the face of the earth has to be Frank.  This very different looking feline was not born like the rest of the kittens in his litter.  Frank who was known around the globe as Frank the two-faced amazing millions of people in his lifetime.

This cat was born with what’s known as Janus, a cat condition that gives the cat two faces.  This very odd looking condition normally ends up killing the animal before they are even a few weeks old.  But luckily for Frank he was able to beat the odds and live a long and happy life.

But sadly Frank is no longer with us as he passed away some days ago.  While his life was a long one at 15 years it was also a very enjoyable one for him.  At a very young age he was adopted by a very kind and loving woman by the name of Martha “Marty” Stevens, who got him when he was only a few days old.

Martha was very devoted to her beloved pet and made sure that he got all the extra care that he needed.  This is probably why Frank lived such a long and healthy life.  Many Janus cats are left to die and some are even put down at birth. But Frank got very lucky and he rewarded his own with 15 years of love and companionship.

While the news of Frank passing is not welcomed, it is good to know that he lived such a productive and full life.  He was one of the most famous of all felines and he earned his place in fame due to his unique look.  Many might say that he was only a sideshow attraction. Others who really knew Frank will tell you that he was a very sweet and dignified feline.  He and his owner worked hard to bring his condition to light so that other cats would have a voice.  This just goes to show that with the right amount of love and care any animal no matter their condition can flourish.

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