Family Drives 14 Hours to Reclaim Their Missing Cat


After months of looking for their missing cat Moose, one eager family has finally been reunited with their long lost feline. Moose had gotten lost, going missing in June and wasn’t found until recently, thanks to the help of shelter volunteers and the couple who actually found him. The kitty’s family had ended up moving rather far away in the time that Moose was missing and they ended up driving 14 hours to be reunited with the cat – a trip that was most definitely worth it!

At the time that he went missing, Moose with living with his humans, Katie and Corey Leonard and their children – Moose’s human siblings. After their cat disappeared, the family looked far and wide, searching everywhere, but to no avail. Corey, a retired Army vet, was stationed in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas at the time, but has since left, taking the family with him to their new home in Cleveland, Ohio. Naturally, the family was upset and saddened at the fact they left home without ever finding out what ever happened to their beloved cat.

As luck would have it, lo and behold, Moose ended up turning up around Fort Leavenworth recently and was found by a couple who would help him get back to his family. The couple put the feline into the care of the Fort Leavenworth Stray Facility – the place where he was at when his family came to get him after receiving news of their finding of the cat. Instead of trick-or-treating this Halloween, the family made the 14-hour drive over to where the cat was and was finally reunited with their kitty! The Stray Facility not only held the feline until the family got there, they previously were able to identify him via his microchip (so don’t forget to microchip your kitty!) and tracked down the family, giving them amazing news – and definitely some piece of mind – about possessing their beloved Moose.

“I’ll tell you what, that’s a call I never expected to get. I was playing with my daughters Thursday afternoon. I almost didn’t answer the phone ‘cause I didn’t recognize the number. I’m sure glad I did,” Katie said.

Katie answered the phone to find out that the woman was calling from Fort Leavenworth and had scanned Moose’s chip, and once everything checked out, she tracked them down as the owners. Katie’s daughter, 4-year-old Alexis, had cried herself to sleep every night over Moose. When she saw the pictures the Stray Facility sent over to the family of Moose, the young girl’s eyes got wide and wanted to leave right then and there. The family eventually got there and aside from getting their cat back, the sweet facility also helped the family celebrate Halloween as well as pitched in with the travel expenses.

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