FDNY Makes a Kitty Rescue on The Day’s 3rd Alarm in Harlem


FDNY members from Engine59 safely removed this lucky resident of 2610 Douglass Blvd. in Manhattan just hours ago.   The fireman in the picture is actually a high school classmate of mine named Robert Tesio.   We couldn’t be happier for the Kitty as well as Robert for making the grab!

We have to keep reminding ourselves that the selfless acts of the members of the FDNY are the reason that thousands of animals are still alive and recovering today.   We hope that this little kitty is in good hands right now.   Unfortunately we don’t have the entire story behind the rescue but this will go down as one of our favorite pictures of 2014.

Good one to have up for Thanksgiving!  Thanks Robert!

Image via FDNY Twitter

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