Finding Inspiration in a Pack of Feral Cats

feral cats 2

When Jason Houge and his girlfriend first noticed a group of feral cats, they felt the urge to do something to help them.  In 2013, they started to give them food and water.  As the days went by, Jason, a budding photographer decided to bring his camera during feeding time.  But the cats for the most part were scared of the noise that his professional camera was making.

This is when Jason got smart and brought out his iPhone and started taking pictures.  Most of the cats didn’t seem to mind the iPhone but some would hide at the sight of anything that wasn’t food.  So Jason carefully started taking pictures of the felines as they went about their everyday lives.  He really got some amazing photos and as you can see he is a really great photographer with a natural eye.

feral cats

Some of these cats seemed to love the camera and as you can see in the pictures, they posed quite nicely for Jason.  His use of black and white photography really made each cat stand out from their environment in an almost haunting way. The 30 something cats seemed to really get close to Jason as he took the photos and some even would come right up to him.  It’s safe to say that both Jason and the cats were becoming very close.

But when winter hit the cats didn’t have anywhere to go.  So Jason and his girlfriend being of kind hearts brought most of the cats that they could catch into their home.  While the situation wasn’t the best it could be, Jason used it to take even more pictures.  He got some really nice photos of the animals but these cats really were not happy being cooped up.

The time they spent inside the home may have been warm but it was not what they were used to.  After the cats were returned to the wild, Jason and his girlfriend had a very large mess to clean up.  But they felt that it was worth it because the cats got to spend some very cold night inside and safe from the wintery weather.

Image via Jason Houge 

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