Fire Department Rescues Cat Captured on GoPro


Two infant kittens were trapped in a sewage pipe in Athens, Ohio until they were rescued by the City of Athens Fire Department on July 13. The fire department responded to a call that an infant kitten had fallen down an underground sewage pipe and had gotten trapped. Thanks to the the rescue being captured on a GoPro camera, you can see the kittens getting saved right before your eyes – and it’s without a doubt a heartwarming moment… er, make that two heartwarming moments!

The fire department initially pulled out the first kitten from an open pipeline that was surrounded by grass. But then they noticed a second kitten who was further in the sewage pipe. One brave firefighter had to climb down into the pipe in order to retrieve and save the second feline. The latter kitten was soaked to the brim when the firefighter pulled it out and needed some resuscitation after it was pulled to safety. Firefighter and photographer Sean Dean had his GoPro camera on him when the department responded to the call and ended up filming the entire rescue – and we’re glad he did!

In the video below, you can see the heroic fire department team saving the kittens from being trapped. The exact moment they were rescued was captured on tape, thanks to modern technology and the GoPro camera they had. Warning: you will gush and possibly even shed a tear or two upon seeing the rescue! 

Photo Source: YouTube

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