Firefighter Rescues Kitten from Fire and Saves Her Life

kitten in fire

What we love so much about firefighters is that they value life so much more than it seems most others value it. After all, how can you not? They go do the job of putting out fires and putting their own lives at risk every single day. It’s a job that they have to do because they are drawn to it, and they love it. These are men and women who fight for the lives of every single person in a fire every single time they go to one to put it out. What we love even more about firefighters, though, is the fact that they do not seem to see the difference in life. When a firefighter is on the job, he or she doesn’t see someone’s life as more valuable than the others.

That’s what makes this video so amazing. This is an apartment fire in Russia. Firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the blaze and to ensure that all was well within. When they came across the body of a lifeless cat on the floor in a hall, they knew that they had to save her life. She was barely breathing, clearly having inhaled too much smoke. The firefighter who found the little cat was quick to put oxygen on the cat’s face and try to revive her. Now she is better, recovering and alive all thanks to the brave and caring behavior of one firefighter who did not just bypass the cat with the ideal that a human life is more important than the life of a cat. Check it out.

Photo by YouTube

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