Firefighters Rescue Bailey the Cat Trapped in Concrete Wall


Cats are generally curious beings, and Bailey the cat is no exception: the fluffy tabby cat somehow found himself stuck in between two concrete walls for four hours Sunday, needing the assistance of firefighters to help save him.

Bailey went outside into the backyard for some fresh air and Southern California sun and ended up disappearing. His owners, Robert and Doris Meyers, had heard their pet’s crying meows but couldn’t locate the 13-year-old feline at first. Eventually the cat’s location was traced to the thick concrete wall separating his owner’s property to the road behind it.

“I went out back to call him in and he usually comes right away, but this time I couldn’t find him,” Bailey’s 76-year-old owner Robert Meyers told the Orange County Register. Meyers and his wife could hear their beloved cat, but couldn’t see him at first.

“He’s a lucky cat, and we’re lucky the fire department could save him.”

The firefighters from Orange County’s “Heavy 6” team unit and rescued the trapped feline. After the rescue unit was able to make a big hole in the wall using heavy duty saw blades, Animal Control quickly sedated Bailey with a syringe that was attached to a long pole. The rescuers were able to grab the cat to safety and give him to a delighted Meyers.

Bailey’s relieved owner revealed that this was actually the first time a mishap had ever happened to the cat in all the years they have had him.

“We found him as a kitten deserted by his mother, and we had to feed him from eye droppers and baby bottles,” Meyers said. “He was an outside/inside cat, but he’ll be inside from now on.”

Image via O.C. Register


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