Firefighters Rescue a Cat Caught in a Car Engine


Cats are quite the curious little creatures and often get themselves into all sorts of predicaments, including getting stuck in places where they shouldn’t be. One such cat in Australia got itself into a similar situation and needed saving when it got caught in a car engine. This past Sunday, a man sought help and assistance from the firefighters at Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board in Carlton, Australia. Knocking on their door early in the morning, the man surprised the firefighters, telling them there was a cat stuck in his car engine. They all went out to the man’s car and sure enough, after opening the car’s bonnet, they found a very anxious cat caught in the engine. The feline seemed to be scared out of wits, giving a worried look and making noises, calling out for help.

Apparently, the man had driven from Ascot Vale to Carlton and upon having a number of difficulties shifting gears, he ended up pulling over and investigating the problem. Upon inspecting the car, he could hear the sounds of a cat calling out. When he realized there was a cat in his car engine, the man immediately drove to the fire station to get some help. Luckily, his instincts were right and he got the cat the help it needed. Sections of the car engine was lifted off the car in order for the trapped cat to be rescued from becoming terribly injured or possibly even killed. After it was released, it went into the loving arms of an off-duty former leading vet nurse.

“Firefighter Damian Christy had that proud father look on his face as he had performed his first entrapped rescue,” Senior Station Officer Delany said.

Currently, the news is the cat seems to be doing fine. As of Monday, the feline was taken to a vet clinic and was awaiting to be picked up by its owner.

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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