Firefighters Rescue a Cat Trapped in a Clothes Dryer

Trapped Cat

We have heard of stories about animals being rescued by firefighters before.  Today, I will share a story of a cat who got rescued by firefighters after being trapped in a clothes dryer.

The incident happened in Deal, Kent, England.  Susie the cat was found by her owner Martina Smith stuck in the metal airer.  Apparently, the black and white cat was trying to jump down from a window sill and fell on the clothes dryer in which her leg got tangled.  Smith tried to help her feline but the feline was is so much distress.  The kitty also scratched her arms and that’s why she called emergency services for help.  Besides she can’t leave her kids aged two and three inside their house by themselves.

“She had been hanging for a good 20 minutes. Her leg was completely tangled. I attempted to free her but I couldn’t,” Smith said.

After calling 999, the firefighters came and successfully got the 17-week-old kitten untangled from the clothes dryer.  According to Smith, it took three firefighters, whose hands and arms were all covered by gloves, to untangle her cat Susie.

“We got there and untangled the cat from the clothes dryer and it scampered upstairs.  “It had a slight limp but had been hanging upside down on its leg for at least ten minutes,” said Craig Sheridan, the watch manager.

Smith and her kids were very thankful to the firefighters for saving their cat.

Quite a few people didn’t like the fact that the emergency services were called to save the cat.  These people believed that it was a waste of money since it cost a lot to send a whole crew to the scene.  Some are even saying that she should have asked her neighbors for help before dialing 999.

I can’t really blame Smith for calling emergency services.  She panicked the minute she saw her cat in distress.  Besides she did try to untangle the feline but was unsuccessful.  Smith even admitted that she wasn’t happy calling 999.  But she did so because she panicked.  I’m not sure if the UK has Animal Control Department like here in the US.  This department is responsible for rescuing animals big or small that are stray or are in dangerous situations.  I think the most important thing is that the feline got rescued safely.

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