Firefighters Rescue a Cat Trapped Between Walls


Cats often get themselves stuck in some of the most random places in your home, sometimes through no fault of their own. You might find a cat trapped under a bed, climbing a little too high on a cat tree, getting caught in a jam by climbing a tall bookcase or maybe even stuck in a cardboard box. One feline found itself in an even bigger pickle when it got trapped in between walls! Thanks to some saving firefighters, a black and gray tabby cat was rescued from being trapped in between two walls in Cornwall, UK.

The two-year-old silver tabby cat named Tiger was stuck in between the walls for four hours before he was rescued. He had gotten himself trapped between the Lusty Glaze Beach Cafe and the other wall of the building next door located in Cornwall. Tiger ended up getting wedged in so tight in between the walls that the poor kitty was suspended off of the floor and was unable to free himself from the situation. That’s when firefighters were called out to the location to help save the cat. Upon their arrival, the rescuers tried all they could to free the cat naturally, but ended up having to use air tools to cut through the wall to save him.

His owner, Claire Stephens, didn’t even know about what had happened until the RSPCA identified the cat thanks to his microchip. Stephens was surprised and shocked to hear about her feline’s troubling adventure. Once she was reunited with her kitty, the responsible owner took Tiger to the vet to get him checked out as a precaution, where his minor wounds were tended.

“I can’t believe he got himself into so much trouble, he’s definitely used up one of his nine lives,” Stephens said. “It was touch and go, and if staff at the restaurant hadn’t noticed him there, he wouldn’t have made it.”

(Photo Source: Western Morning News)

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