Firefighters Rescue Cat in Tree but in an Inhumane Way


Usually when we’re posting videos or pictures about a Firefighter rescuing a cat from a tree it’s heartwarming.  There’s always a nice story behind it and 9 times out of 10 there are some great photos of the firemen and the cats embracing each other.   However, that’s been from videos and pictures here in the United States.  Perhaps in some Russian towns they do things a little differently.

In a strange case in Russia a cat was perched awfully high up in a tree.  Instead of using a ladder or any other means to retrieve the cat, the firefighters used their hose.  That’s right, a hose to get the cat down.  There was so much water pressure that the cat fell.

Considering the height of the fall you would think the cat would have been injured but thankfully it was not and it was rescued.  Still however, I think an investigation into this “rescue” should be opened.  I mean who does that?  This is serious water pressure and and horrible way to rescue a living thing.

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