Firefighters Rescue Crying Cat Stuck in Ceiling Wall


After his owners Dave and Barbara Kromphardt left for a short vacation at the end of March, Dylan the cat went missing. The Kromphardts, who also have a cat named Owen, were having a new shower installed upstairs while they were gone. Before departing for their trip, they left plenty of food and water for the felines. The couple returned home a little over a week later. Upon their return, Barbara went into the house to check how their cats were doing. Once inside, they found Owen, but Dylan was nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden they could hear Dylan’s mews, but couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from. They frantically searched the house high and low, but couldn’t seem to locate their kitty. Opening cabinets and checking bedrooms, Barbara could hear the kitty crying. Unable to find their crying cat, they eventually turned to the fire department for help. Columbus Fire Department arrived and went to work with an imaging camera. Sure enough, the 20-pound cat had a heat signature that could be detected with it. The firefighters quickly located Dylan in the ceiling of the home’s entryway hallway. Another hole was cut, but the hallway beams were too close together for Dylan to get out.

Dylan was able to help the rescue effort by sticking his paw through the hole for the firefighters. A significant hole was cut in the ceiling to help rescue the feline. Barbara climbed the ladder with cat food, and Dylan decided that he trusted her. But he only traveled far enough for her to grab his hind legs, which is ultimately what saved him. After saving the cat, the firefighters stayed around just to make sure that Dylan was in good shape after his big ceiling adventure. He is currently safely out of the ceiling wall and partaking in his favorite pastime: naps on the couch!

Image via The Columbus Republic


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