Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Wall

hole caused by cat

When it comes to felines, they can often get into serious trouble, if they are left to their own devices. Almost all of these animals are curious and at one point in their lives, they do something foolish. While most of these antics are funny, it’s when the situation turns serious, that many cat owners have to call for help.

This is exactly what happened in this next story.  One day a kitten named Vasia, decided she wanted to explore more of her family’s home.  But instead of just looking around in closets or under the furniture, this little kitty decided to go a little further. Somehow she made her way inside of a wall of the home and become trapped.  When the owner heard there pet cat calling for help, they knew what had happened.

After trying to get the cat out of the wall themselves, they became very worried about the feline.  So they made a call to the local fire department for assistance.  After the Kingston Fire Brigade of Kingston, Greater London, UK arrived on the scene; they also called in for backup.  Placing a call to the RSPCA; an animal rescue group, together they worked for two hours to free the cat.

But this rescue would prove more difficult than they thought. Working for more than an hour to try and get the wedged in animal free, they finally had to do something drastic.  So the group of firefighters cut a large hole in the wall.  This allowed them to get their hands on the animal and break her free from the wall.  This was a real relief to everyone in the room and I am sure Vasia was very glad as well.

Thanks to the efforts of the team, this cat is now safely resting and recovering from the hour’s long ordeal.  I am sure the owners of this pet are really thankful that they were able to rescue the cat without any damage to her.  I am sure they are probably a little upset that they are going to have to replace part of their wall.  But the most important thing is, that Vasia is safe and sound.

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