Firefighters Revive Cats at a House Fire Using Pet Oxygen Masks

fire 1

The Salt Lake City fire department recently rescued a few cats from a house fire that they put out.  After getting the blaze was brought under control, the firefighters noticed two very wet felines inside of the home.  Both cats were not breathing and the firefighters brought the cats out onto the grass, so that they could work on them.  Once the cats were safely out of the house and on the grass, oxygen masks were placed on there faces.  Both the cats were suffering from smoke inhalation and needed help right away or they probably would not have made it.

The firefighters worked hard to bring the cats back to life and something amazed happened.  One of the feline started to come around and started breathing on its own.  This was a good sign and the men were very pleased to see this.  Then the other cat started waking up and now both of the felines were aware of there surroundings. Once the felines were back breathing, they were taken to an animal hospital were they got more treatment.  But they were not going to have to remain there for very long.

Now the cats are back with there owners and doing well.  No human was hurt inside of the home and at the time of this article, their is no word as to what started the blaze.  Surely the owners are very happy to have there cats back safe and sound.  While the home was badly damage in the fire, it was not a total loss.  The family will be able to rebuild and they can replace there belongings that got destroyed.  Thankfully they have there cats back and neither one of the animals was badly hurt in the fire. As you can see in the photos, these felines were really covered with dirt and the smoke turned there fur a dark grey color.   It is amazing to see that these cats made it out without serious complications.  Thanks to the brave firefighters who risked there own lives, these cat are now doing great.

Images via Salt Lake City Fire Department 

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