Firefighters Save Stubby the Cat from a House Fire with a Tiny Oxygen Mask

Stubby the cat

When it comes to an emergency in our homes, we all can be affected.  This includes our animal friends.  When a fire breaks loose in the home tragic events can occur.  While many of the people can get out unharmed, animals often get confused and try to hide from the smoke and fire.  This often ends in the death of the animal.  But in this next story there is hope for the little cat that has been taken down by smoke inhalation.

It all started out as a normal day for Stubby the cat and his owner.  But when a fire broke out in their home, the Fort Worth Fire Department had to be called in to battle the blaze.  Unfortunately, Stubby went missing during the fire and his owner couldn’t seem to find him anywhere.  Thankfully, when the firefighters got to him he was still alive but overcome by smoke.

After quickly rushing the feline outside, they immediately started working on the animal to try and revive him.  Using the same equipment they use on humans, the firefighters put an oxygen mask on the cat.  Then they did something unexpected.  The very wise members of the fire team began CPR on the beloved pet in hopes to save its life.

Once they started working on Stubby it was unclear whether their efforts would save the animal.  But after a few minutes he started to come around.  Everyone was very happy to see that the animal was breathing again and he was transported to an animal hospital.

Stubby is now doing really well and is expected to make a full recovery.  This is great news for both the pet and his owner. Fire officials are unclear what started the blaze that day but estimated the damage at around $100,000.  While the home was severely damage, the important thing is everyone survived the event.  Homes can be rebuilt and repaired and possessions can be replaced, but the lives of both the animal and the owner are what truly matters. This is a very heartwarming story and I for one am really glad to see such a happy ending.

Image via AP

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