Firefighters Saving Kittens Provides One of the Best Rescue Pics of the Year


You often hear about the many cats who are thankfully rescued from disasters of all sorts, but you don’t always get to see the amazing things these rescuers do. The firefighters and Good Samaritans who assist in saving and rescuing these animals often tend to be anonymous or hardly ever mentioned. Five cats, including some kittens, are incredibly lucky to be alive after being rescued by honorable firefighters after they swiftly responded to a four-story apartment fire. The blaze occurred at an apartment complex in the Central West End area of St. Louis, Missouri last Friday afternoon on September 26.

The first round of firefighters swept for residents, making sure that no one was left behind in the blaze. The second round swept for animals who could have been left behind and they ended up finding six cats – five of which were able to be revived from the fire. The sixth feline wasn’t so lucky, unfortunately. The firefighters ended up treating at least two – one kitten and one cat – using a pet oxygen mask when on the scene. Again, we often hear about these things, but you don’t always see the footage that comes along with it – which is often the most heart wrenching and yet so profoundly beautiful sight to behold.

One sight to behold on that fateful day of the fire is homeowner Monteze Dennis comforting his cat as St. Louis Fire Department paramedic Ryan Novak places a cat mask to administer oxygen to the feline. Another incredible sight to see was St. Louis Firefighter Paul Clark, who was photographed holding a kitten as an EMS personnel administered oxygen to the tiny kitten; in the same photo you can also see firefighter Addington Stewart Jr. in the background as he holds another kitty who is waiting their turn for the oxygen.

(Photo Source: Bill Greenblatt/UPI)

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