A Fireman Found a Lifeless Kitten but Never gave up Hope

Rescued kittten

A fire can cause a lot of damage not only to the property but also to the lives of the owners, and sometimes to its pets as well.  The video below is about the amazing rescue of a lifeless kitten, who was brought back to life with the help of a fireman.  The clip is sure going to be a hit for any cat lovers out there.

In the beginning of the clip, Fresno firefighters successfully put out a fire and then they went inside the house to search for any trapped victims.  As they search the rooms, they found a lifeless kitten lying on the floor.  Fireman Cory Kalanick picked up the kitten and then signaled his Captain that he is going out to try to save the feline.

The fireman didn’t waste any time, he walked straight to get an oxygen tank and a mask and laid the kitten’s lifeless body on the ground and put the mask on the kitty’s face.  After a few seconds, another fireman came to help and gave fireman Kalanick some kind of a cloth like a washcloth and a bottle of water.  The fireman then put the cloth on the cat and poured the water on it.  Then, the kitten moved his paws slowly and in a few seconds he opened his eyes.

This is a very moving video to watch.  I for one held my breath while fireman Kalanick was working on saving the kitten’s life.  It’s amazing to see the kitten’s paws move his eyes opened after a horrible fire experience.  I felt so happy and relieved that the kitten survived.

Thanks to fireman Kalanick for saving the kitten.  I bet he is an animal lover because the minute he saw the kitten lying unconscious on the floor, he immediately picked it up and rushed out of the house to give the animal some oxygen.

This clip made me appreciate firefighters even more.  It’s really good to know that firemen are there to protect and save both human and animal’s lives.  Anyways, whether you are an animal lover or not, this video will sure touch your heart and may cause you to shed some tears, so make sure you have a tissue or hanky to grab nearby.

Image via YouTube.com

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