First Cat Spotted at Meow Parlour, NYC’s First Cat Cafe


The first real, actual cat has been spotted at Meow Parlour.  Bowery Boogie snapped the above photo, which proves that NYC’s first cat café is not, in fact, just one long, glorious dream. While reservations, which are available for up to five hours at a time, have been booked through January 8th (and broke the internet in the process), when Meow Parlour opens next Monday, prepare your eyeballs for many, many more delightful cat photos like this one. Or, you know, just quit your job this second and work there instead.

Here’s some more information on Meow Parlour

At Meow Parlour, you can rent time to access to our space, where we have adoptable free roaming cats. You can come for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours where you can use our free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you. 

You can bring in food or beverage you purchase at Meow Parlour Patisserie, located around the corner from Meow Parlour and enjoy a sweet treat in the company of a furry friend.

All the cats are adoptable. Meow Parlour has teamed up with KittyKind, an all volunteer, no kill rescue group located in NYC. KittyKind specializes in adopting out cats so if you fall in love, you can apply to adopt one!

Photo: Bowery Boogie

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